Mudlogging is Our Core Business

EDGE/PML has been an industry leader since 1964 and our combination of innovative technology and experienced personnel have been the cornerstone of our service.

We utilize advanced technology and the best talent to provide this unparalleled service at highly competitive rates. We will tailor our services to your individual needs.


Our Loggers are the Best

Our mudloggers have an average of more than 6 years of field experience and many are degreed geologists. Our employees have worked basins across the United States and when you contract us, you will be matched with employees experienced in your basin.

Proprietary Gas Detection

The EDGE gas system is second-to-none. A dual-column SC/TC gas chromatograph featuring constant pressure/temperature/flow, the EDGE system eliminates the multitude of variables and confusion that often comes with gas detection. The EDGE system provides Total Gas, C1 – C5, and Wetness/Balance/Character ratios.

Remote control of the entire system includes:

  • Blowback of sample lines

  • Calibrating the sensors

  • Zeroing of sensors

  • Internal sample drying and filtering

  • Sensor health monitoring

  • Pressure, temperature, and flow management

Communication is Our Priority

We are your eyes and ears at the wellsite. In addition to daily delivery of mudlogs, updates, and cuttings analysis, our clients can expect real-time updates during actionable events, shows, trips, etc.


Request a Meeting

No matter what the the job requires, we’ll invest all our resources and experience to deliver consistently good data. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.